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Children’s furniture for the children’s room
You can e.g. use children’s furniture when you have to divide a room up or if your children, for example, have to share a room. Maybe you want to make a play area and a sleeping area in the children’s room. It is also quick to make a play corner in the living room or in the kitchen, which at the same time looks stylish and fits nicely into the bright Nordic style that many people have nowadays.
– And then it’s so quick to just clear the road in a hurry when there is no play, and the space may have to be used for something else.
It is also easier to make dinner and everyday things when the children can sit in the same room and draw and paint on good wooden furniture for children. And our good and stable learning tower Morten and the stool Mia make it easy and safe for the children to participate in the cooking.

Furniture for children in the hallway
Does the entrance or the entrance look like a bomb has just exploded?
– Then it will be smart with a children’s piece of furniture, where the children can sit and take shoes off and on at the same time as it is also a smart storage rack.
With the wardrobe furniture Bertram, you get both practical and spacious storage for coats and scarves, shoes, hats and mittens. The hooks that come with it can be placed at different heights on both the outside and inside, so that the children themselves can easily reach their things. You can buy several of the same piece of furniture and click them together with the corresponding wooden fittings, so that it will be a bit like in the kindergarten or in the nursery. And we give a discount when buying more, so you can easily get a storage space for all the children at the same time as it will look nice and tidy in the entrance.

Combine children’s furniture
Try to see our combi set with the large and spacious toy table Bjørn and the two smart and large storage boxes Stine. The storage boxes without lids can easily be pushed under the table when there is no play, so that everything looks neat and tidy – without filling up too much.
Also consider whether it might not be smart to place a small bench either in the entrance hall, kitchen corner, a hallway or other place where it could be practical with a seating area and storage space for your child.

Large selection of furniture for children
Our large range of wooden furniture children can be used for both storage, creativity and play. This means that you can choose exactly what suits the room or room where the children’s furniture is to stand. We have, for example, both small and large dollhouses, small and large benches and tables, small and large shelves in different heights and widths. And then we have some fantastic storage boxes where there are storage options for little things. We have also made small shelves that can be used as a bedside space for books and favorite toys.

Create a good children’s room
With the right children’s furniture, the possibilities are numerous for creating an imaginative and smart setting for your children and their playmates. See the set called “The little booth”. There we have composed a set where you can spend time playing for hours. All children love to play shop, both with playmates, but also with parents, family and others who come to visit. The set comes with a cute shop sign so that ice cream, food and drinks can be sold immediately.

Danish children’s furniture with FSC-approved wood
Beautiful Danish design and a high quality go hand in hand in the sustainable children’s furniture from WOOD IF. Our products are exclusively made of wood that is FSC-approved. We do not use oil, paint or varnish to treat the furniture. The material is 9 mm birch wood plywood, which is both a beautiful and solid material. Each piece of furniture has a beautiful and unique look, as the wood has a varied and beautiful play of colors that gives the products character. The furniture appears in a raw, simple and stylish design that fits into most homes. And then our furniture can be assembled easily without the use of tools. They are assembled using a smart click system. Therefore, it is also quick to disassemble the furniture again and store it away if the space is just to be used for something else, or if you want to take the furniture with you to the cottage or to the grandparents.

Wood if
WOOD IF is the manufacturer behind these completely unique children’s furniture made of quality wood that can withstand everyday use and wear. Our vision is to create functional and environmentally conscious furniture for children – which at the same time adorns every home. All our products have been developed according to our own ideas and experiences as parents, as well as from other parents and their children.