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Are you looking for the best and most beautiful wooden children’s furniture for the children’s room?

and should your next children’s furniture be Danish Design?
At Wood If, we offer you many different Danish wooden children’s furniture to choose from. Whether it is storage, bookcases, bookshelves, seating, children’s tables for children’s rooms or wardrobes – our children’s furniture is Scandinavian and made of wood in the best materials.

When you choose wood for children, you choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution: We only use FSC-certified wood for children’s furniture. It is birch plywood from Europe. It has a bright and friendly appearance. In addition, our wooden children’s furniture is light and robust at the same time. These properties make it ideal for furniture in children’s rooms.

Design your own children’s room

Wood is a natural product. All furniture for the children’s room is therefore different in their appearance – the children’s furniture differs in their grain, their color gradient and their color tones. This means that you always have a unique piece of furniture!

Our children’s furniture in light wood offers another great advantage:

You can design furniture for the children’s room according to your ideas or your child’s wishes. Because the wooden children’s furniture is easy to paint, varnish and assemble with our unique click system. Remember that it is a natural material that reacts to moisture. If it comes in contact with water-based paint, it may affect our special click system.


Children’s furniture for girls and boys

Our children’s furniture is suitable for both girls and boys. We do not distinguish. Do you want special children’s furniture for girls, why not give our children’s furniture a new coat of paint? how about a beautiful pink, warm dark red or fresh light green?
In any case, always just ask your child what color he or she likes. Children’s furniture for girls does not necessarily have to be pink or pastel colored. You can often find out which children furniture girls and boys like in the children. Do not get too stuck in clichés, but pay attention to your child’s preferences. Children’s furniture for girls and boys can be found right here with us – genuine Danish children’s furniture.

Practical wooden storage boxes for stacking

Children’s furniture is practical. But with us you will also find, for example, storage boxes and storage boxes in different sizes in wood. We also offer smaller storage boxes in sets of three. Or maybe a box set that consists of storage boxes in three different sizes. It all depends on what needs to be stored in the boxes and crates.
The larger boxes are suitable for bulky toys and the smaller boxes for small parts such as bricks, nappies or pens. The storage boxes are also practical, as our storage boxes can be stacked.

Seating groups and children’s furniture

With a whole group of children’s furniture, such as our tables / benches, you can accommodate several children at the same time. This is great when the kids can sit and play together at the table set for the children’s room.

Convenient: If you do not need a whole group of wooden children’s furniture, our furniture for the children’s room can be easily stored to save space. Because thanks to the intelligent click system, all our children’s furniture can be assembled and dismantled in no time. A table set or bench can also be moved quickly from one room to another, not least because our children’s furniture is also light. With us, you have the choice between table-bench set with two benches and a table as well as a table and two stools. Individual stools or benches can of course also be added, so you can get more options.

Safety and design of children’s furniture – what to consider?

Definitely: children’s furniture must be safe.
That is why we always test our children’s furniture for stability and load-bearing capacity – with small children up to grown adults.
And: our children’s furniture has rounded edges and corners.

But there are also a few points to consider when designing wooden children’s furniture: The design must be the right size so that the children can use it. In addition, we place great emphasis on the simplest possible design of children’s furniture – because this gives children and parents the opportunity to implement their own ideas about furniture in the children’s room.

Enjoy your shopping and feel free to write if you have any questions