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Organize your books with our wooden bookcases

Our bookcases are the perfect storage solutions for books, toys, cute toys and decorations in the children’s room. We have bookcases in many different shapes, versions and sizes. Both with 1 compartment and 2 compartments, as well as with shelves and storage on top. Then the little favorite items can be stored in one place. A small bookcase Sofus is ideal for storing figures or decorative objects.

Your bookcase for the children’s room is unique

The beautiful birch wood fits well in all children’s rooms, as it is neutral and friendly in expression.
Do you want to design your children’s bookcase in other colors?
No problem, a wooden child rack can easily be designed according to your ideas with the right color. You can just paint the kids’ book box.

Store your favorite books safely in the box

For many children, the book collection gradually grows into a real library. Therefore, a book box should not be missing in any children’s room. All the little favorite books can be found here: reading books, coloring books, horse books, superhero stories, fairy tales, bedtime stories and picture books. To keep track of things, an extra box for books is a useful addition to the children’s room. We have different bookcases that you can choose from.

Children’s bookcases are the practical piece of furniture

Our bookcases Anna and Albert are suitable for both books and toys. Our boxes for books for the children’s room are available in many different sizes and designs. While there is room for many things at once in the large bookcases, a small children’s bookcase can provide space for the special things, such as the absolute favorite books or the trendy play figures. A small wooden bookcase also offers a nice place for special things in the children’s room.

Natural choice: Wooden boxes for children

Our bookcases or wooden boxes for books are made of natural birch plywood that comes from environmentally conscious and FSC-certified sawmills in Europe. Birch wood has a bright and friendly appearance and is therefore particularly suitable for the children’s room. In addition, our bookcases are a robust and on the other hand a very light material. In addition, there is our intelligent click system. This means that each box is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Bonus info:

We have experienced in our own children that when the children’s books become visible to them, the children become even more interested in their books. This makes it difficult to choose which one to read in now :). We think this is extremely positive, as reading aloud at home is a much-loved ritual.