Clothes and shoes

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Get control over your wardrobe!

Wardrobe furniture and clothes rack and is an an important factor in a nice home. Although the wardrobe in the utility room is usually not used as often or just as a minor thing, you can do it fine.

Wardrobe furniture like Bertram takes the institution home in the entrance hall and gives a recognizable look to the children. With the entrance and storage furniture Ellen, it is a breeze to get shoes and boots on when it goes strong in the morning. So with wardrobe furniture and wooden clothes rack, the morning will be a little more fun.

Have independent children with our furniture

“Now get those clothes hung up!” “Put the shoes in place”… our children have probably heard this many times. But if the framework is not there, then it can be difficult to get them to do things. When they can reach up and hang clothes in place with these storage furniture, wardrobe furniture and clothes rack, the case is different.
Then it’s fun to put shoes in the shoe box, gloves in the storage boxes or on hooks on the wardrobe furniture.

Let the children hang the clothes in place

With our clothes rack Nikoline, the children can clean the children’s room themselves. It is practical, beautiful – and not least at eye level. Then they can hang princess dresses, the spiderman set, the witch costume in place. There is plenty of hanger space and shelves so there is no excuse for the kids not to clean up.

Note: At home, it is also used as an active part of the game when, for example, playing clothes shop. Then the “goods” can be nicely displayed on the stand and shown and tried by the kids’ friends.