Learning Tower

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Minimal stress – but high safety!

Do you also stress in the kitchen when your little pods are balancing on the tips of their toes on an insecure stool and trying to join you at the kitchen table?
With our learning tower Morten (some also call it an activity tower) from Wood If, you can wipe the sweat off your forehead and get your heart rate down – and at the same time have a safe and quiet time in the kitchen when cooking or being creative.

With lots of tests, our learning tower is designed to take care of your most valuable things when you are inattentive for a brief moment. Or when he / she is too fast for you and even starts a new creative project at the kitchen table – without you being around!

Your extra helper in the kitchen

Kids are extra work in a kitchen!? Why not turn your mind around and get self-going and helpful little helpers in the kitchen? instead of you feel it is extra work to have them with?
For example, your children can lubricate their bun themselves, help turn on the coffee machine (with supervision, of course). Or maybe cut vegetables or fruit and help wipe off the dishes?

From 15 months

Our learning tower / activity tower is for almost all ages. When the children are about 15 months old, they begin to have a height and balance where they can use the tower. It is of course individual according to motor skills, height, etc. But we have experience that children already from about the age of one and a half years enjoy it.
And then they still find it fun to use it even when they are 4-5 years old.

Gathering the family

When the children can use the learning tower Morten in the kitchen, it brings the whole family together and gives joy and profit in the wolf hour or the hectic time before dinner. Use it actively every day, so you also get more profits for the little ones.