We have our own production, workshop and warehouse under the same roof and the raw materials are delivered directly from the wood manufacturer.

We have cut many intermediaries away and this is the reason why we can offer all our wooden furniture to some (in our opinion) very reasonable prices.

It also helps us meet our delivery times, and we always know quite precisely when your order leaves our building as we do not have to wait for a manufacturer far away.

All our wooden furniture is tested by several groups of young children up to full-grown men and women – especially in stability and carrying capacity – ensuring that all furniture can cope with much more than we promise.

Bring on your ideas

All our wooden furniture for children is developed in cooperation with children, parents and qualified persons.

From the drawing board and through a series of prototypes to the final product, which is typically tested 2-3 months before launch, it is of course to make sure that we have hit a good height on a table, or stability on a stool or design on a sideboard.

It’s a super fun and educational process when the charming little kids put a new product into use or not – and then it’s back to the drawing board.

Of course, we are also very receptive to good ideas from the outside, we have several products in the range within children’s furniture, which have been created based on inquiries from our customers or interested followers. We think that’s funny! As a small new company, we have the flexibility to do little what we want when it comes to the development of our furniture in wood, and therefore we have the opportunity to involve and accommodate inquiries from those who have an interest in it.  So don’t hold back if you have a good idea – we may agree.

All our wooden furniture is thoroughly tested by everything from young children to full-grown men and women, especially in stability and carrying capacity, where we know we make sure that all furniture can cope with much more than we promise.