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Our square table

Our table and bench set are, if we have to say it ourselves, reallysmart and practical. Combine our square table with benches and stools that suits you best.

The table, benches and stools are all made in our smart “click” concept, so it simply makes it so easy to get out when there is a need to create extra dining areas, create a space for creativity, or just free play.

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Our cozy stool Mia

The small stool is almost magical, it creates a connection between your little ones and the adults at the kitchen table. It also makes it so easy to get the teamwork around your dinner going smoothly.
It is light and easy for even small children to move around – however, it can arise some challenges if the candy shelf is not placed high enough 🙂

It makes many other storage options more accessible in the children’s room, so the kids themselves can take their favorite book off the shelf.

When not in use, it just stands in the corner and looks good.

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