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Design your children’s room with a matching wall bookshelf

Present your child’s book collection in the room in a simple way. A bookshelf is the perfect storage solution for books, toys, cute toys and decorations in the children’s room.
We have children’s shelves in many different shapes, versions and sizes.
So, if you have many books, then present your favorite books with a shelf from Wood if.
For example, we offer bookshelves for the wall, special shelves for books, children’s shelves for toys and shelves as free-standing furniture. Then the little favorite items can be stored in one place. A small children’s shelf is ideal for storing figurines or decorative objects.

Natural choice: wooden shelf for children

Our shelves are made of natural birch plywood that comes from environmentally conscious and FSC-certified sawmills in Europe. Birch wood has a bright and friendly appearance and is therefore particularly suitable for the children’s room. In addition, our wooden shelf is a robust and on the other hand a very light material. In addition, there is our intelligent click system. This means that each shelf is a breeze to assemble and disassemble.

Design your shelves individually

The beautiful birch wood fits well in all children’s rooms, as it is neutral and friendly in expression.
Do you want to design your children’s shelf in other colors?
No problem, a children’s shelf in wood can easily be designed according to your ideas with the right color. You can just paint the kids’ shelves. Especially with the shelf, which has the shape of an airplane, a balloon or an apple, a little light color can give a good personal touch.

Store books smartly on the wall bookshelf

For many children, the book collection gradually grows into a real library. Therefore, a bookshelf should not be missing in any children’s room. All the little favorite books can be found here: reading books, coloring books, horse books, superhero stories, fairy tales, bedtime stories and picture books.

Present the book collection in the children’s room in a simple way. To keep track of things, an extra children’s shelf is a useful addition to the children’s room. We have different shelves for you to choose from. If the books are to be presented beautifully, a bookshelf is exactly the right investment. Because here the books are placed as surfaces on the children’s shelf – with the cover image facing outwards.

Children’s wall shelf in apple or rocket shape

With us you will also find wall shelves in various shapes. A children’s shelf in the shape of a pear or an apple looks especially good in the children’s room thanks to the playful shape. Or should it be in the form of a rocket /spaceship rack, a hot air balloon wall shelf or wall shelf as an airplane? Simply choose the children’s wall shelf according to your child’s interests.

Small children’s shelf for special things

Our shelves for the room are available in many different sizes and designs. While there is room for many things at once in the large shelves, a small children’s shelf can make room for the special things, such as the absolute favorite books or the trendy play figures.
A small wall shelf also offers a nice place for special things in children’s room: Here you can present picture frames, figures or small decorative objects. Or what if you put the children’s artwork on a small children’s shelf so that they are always clear?