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Find the right play table and table sets

With our smart tables and bench sets, you always have the opportunity to create extra space for the little ones.
Whether it’s when the creative abilities have to show off with coloring books, watercolors or model wax. Or if a ‘children’s table’ is to be created when you have visits from good friends and family. So in case of lack of space, find the right play furniture for the children’s room or the rest of the house at Wood If.
Our tables, benches and stools are no heavier than it is easy to take into the kitchen so the kids can sit and enjoy themselves while the adults provide dinner. Or when the little artist wants to be with the family in the living room while he / she paints the next masterpiece. No matter what, you can easily create a space at the kids’ own table.

The right play furniture for children’s rooms

Having your own playroom has many benefits. But of course it can not be implemented in every apartment. Of course, you can also create a play area if you do not have a separate room for a children’s toy. A good play area can be created with the right furniture.
One of the most important criteria in the ideas of the playroom is space.

If the children in the end do not have room to play in the playroom, unfortunately even the most beautiful ideas for the playroom will be of no use.
Do you live on fewer square meters? Then all our tables, chairs and benches can be easily clicked apart and tucked away behind a door or under the bed. Likewise, it can easily be pulled out when the grandparents visit you with home baking and the kids have to sit and have fun.

Children sit and play area with wooden furniture

If you are missing a seating group for table- and bech sets, consider what the seating group should consist of? Only child benches or maybe one or two stools are needed. We have various stools and benches to choose from, which is a great addition to a children’s table or play table.
With a wooden bench for children, you can choose between different versions: The small Otto bench is, as the name suggests, a small children’s wooden bench. It is easy to find a place for it anywhere, whether it is in the children’s room, in the hallway or as part of the children’s area in the living room.
The children’s wooden bench Alba is our slightly larger model. With this you can get extra seating in a seating group in the house. Alba is a very stable children’s bench made of wood and can even carry two adults without any problems.