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Looking for ideas for playrooms? How to create the perfect playroom

Do you want to create a playroom and are you looking for creative ideas for the playroom? In fact, the list of playroom ideas is almost endless. Sometimes it is not so easy to filter out the best ideas for the playroom for your own child. Which play furniture for children’s rooms is best suited? And what should the playroom offer children? We show you what is important if you want to design a playroom.

Designing a playroom – what is important?

First of all, the question arises whether you want to design a separate playroom, or whether you want to design an area in the children’s room as a playroom?
A big plus with a separate playroom is that your child has more space to play. Because bed, wardrobe, desk and so stays in the children’s room. The play / game room is really just about playing.
The spatial separation of the bedroom and the playroom also makes it easier for children to relax in the evening. For older children, a separate playroom is a great advantage as, for example, there are no toys that can distract them when doing homework.

These dollhouses make children’s hearts beat faster

We have a wide range of furniture for the playroom. In addition to furniture for storing toys, such as shelves, boxes or sideboards, we also have special play furniture and dollhouses for children’s rooms. Our dollhouse is available in three different versions: Dollhouse Villa Haylie, Villa Wilma and Villa Emmalie. Villa Emmalie has many rooms that can be played with from two sides with a walk-through door.

The right play furniture for children’s rooms

Having your own playroom has many benefits, but of course it can not be implemented in every apartment. Of course, you can also create a playroom if you do not have a separate room for a children’s playroom. A good play area can be created with the right furniture. You can use our Vera shelf wonderfully as a small room divider. So you can create a separate playroom in the children’s bedroom.
One of the most important criteria in the ideas of the playroom is space.
If the children in the end do not have room to play in the playroom, unfortunately even the most beautiful ideas for the playroom will be of no use.
Therefore, make sure that the children’s playroom is only equipped with the most necessary, namely toys. Of course, a few important pieces of furniture, such as a game table, storage boxes or shelves, are part of the furniture. A ceiling lamp that emits bright and cozy light, as well as a play rug and a couple of pillows or floor mattresses ensure comfort between the children’s play furniture and toys.

Encourage and motivate children with a playroom

If you want to design a playroom, remember that it should give children space for creativity and development. Also consider your child’s age and interests. So always keep your child in mind when you have new ideas for the playroom.
In the playroom, you can design the furniture in such a way that they emphasize your child’s talents and preferences.

Is your child interested in space and space travel? We have just that for the playroom: A shelf in the shape of a spaceship / rocket that can hold a lot of toys from the room.
Is your child more interested in art? A play table in the playroom is ideal if your child e.g. likes to make crafts, paint or knead. Then it always has a basis for creating small works of art. Of course, many other things can also be played at a gaming table – so it is a good choice in every playroom.

Create a playroom with natural play furniture made of wood

Play furniture is often exposed to daily use – that’s a good thing! We therefore recommend that you use natural materials when furnishing your playroom. With us you will find fantastic play furniture in wood: They are durable and robust.
Our play furniture is made of light birch plywood that is light on one side and strong on the other. The bright look of the play furniture fits into any playroom.

But even if you want a different color, it is no problem:
You can paint our wooden play furniture in the color you want. For example, you can give the individual rooms or the exterior facade of our wooden dollhouse a new coat of paint.

Did you know that we only buy FSC-certified wood?

Birch plywood for the play furniture comes from environmentally conscious and FSC-certified sawmills in Europe so the material lives up to the highest EU standards. Our production, workshop and warehouse take place under one roof. We have the raw materials for our play furniture delivered directly from the wood manufacturer. We reduce our products’ CO2 footprint through bulk purchases and thus fully packed trucks