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Finally, we can present another member of our wardrobe family, the clothes rack Rod – and now with shelves.

Motivate your kids to become more independent with this all-in-one stand. Show them how super easy it is to find a hat, gloves and jackets on the wide shelves and long clothes rails – at child height.

Rod can be turned both ways so you can have the shelves to the left or right as you wish.



Our new clothes rack, or rather the mini-wardrobe Rod, can create order for the little ones. Whether it is in the entrance to the outerwear with space for gloves, hats or the bicycle helmet on the shelves. Or in the children’s room for all the costumes – or as a mini walk-in for the children’s fine party dresses and nice shirts?
– Then Rod is the guy for you!

The design is smart, simple in a classic Nordic style, and perfect for creating and decorating the very finest personal children’s corners or children’s rooms.

Invest 2 minutes – and have independent children!

Do you also nurse your children a little too much (just as we might do ourselves)? Then maybe it’s time for them to learn how to put on clothes themselves – and have a successful experience.
You know it well in the morning. When you are busy and you give the children their shoes, jackets, bicycle helmets and gloves on. Too busy to let them do things themselves – and at the same time it might be difficult because their things hang high and they can not reach it themselves.
But with Rod and a repeated 2 minute investment in the morning, you can make your children more self-reliant and you will (hopefully) avoid stress before you go out the door.
– By letting the children finish themselves, you give them a successful experience that gives them more confidence. In return, they may find it fun to finish before mom and dad.

It may not succeed every time, but when Rod is down to child height, there is the chance that you can let them try for themselves. So in the future, they do not have to depend on your help.

Then make the morning and afternoon a breeze – it’s pretty well spent!

Multi-furniture Rod

Rod is full of details that can help you and your children.
On the side you will find 2 hooks. Here you can hang the smallest caps or favorite bag. In addition, there are 3 good large shelves where there is room to fill up with bicycle helmets, boxes or something completely different.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you can get a full overview of the children’s costumes and accessories in the children’s room. The little spiderman, princess, Paw Patrol or knight costumes can hang nicely on the long hanger rod. Gloves, masks and swords can have a place next to it – and then the next game is ready when the friends come to visit.

Bonus info: Our storage boxes Christina, can also be on the shelves.

NOTE: Hooks and boxes are not included

Product data

External dimensions:
Height: 110 cm,
Width: 100 cm, incl. hooks
Depth of top: 32.0 cm
Depth bottom: 40.5 cm

Shelves (inside):
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 31.5 cm
Width: 31 cm

Hanger stand:
Length: 62 cm
From the top of the hanger bar and down to the bottom plate, there are 83 cm.

If you use it in the entrance hall, it may be combined with our entrance hall furniture Ellen.

The furniture can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth, but as these are products that are natural and untreated, one must be aware of and careful with moisture and wet elements, as it can cause streaks and stains.

The material:
All furniture is made of beautiful light 9 mm birch wood plywood, natural and untreated.

All furniture is delivered unassembled, but with an assembly guide.

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