Wood Letters – 70 cm


Delivery time: 5-7 working days with UPS

Danish-made furniture that has been personally made for you!

100 days right to return

Fantastic rating on Trusted Shop (4.75 / 5.00)

Hang the children’s initials on the wall and door or place them on a bookcase!

It is also an obvious option to paint them in beautiful colors, so they create a nice break in their rooms. It’s only the imagination that sets the limits.


Height: 70 cm



Our large letters give a beautiful break from the children’s toys in the children’s room, and it is an obvious opportunity to add a little extra personality to the room.

We are crazy about them ourselves, and they will fit so well into most rooms.


Height: 70 cm.

Width: The widest (e.g. W/M) are 75 cm wide and the narrowest (e.g. I/J) are about 60 cm wide

The letters can easily be hung up with different types of double adhesive tape or a small screw.

We are continuously expanding with numbers and characters, but right now we only have letters.

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