The Bookrack Ludvig


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Danish-made furniture that has been personally made for you!

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Do your kids have trouble finding the interest of their books? With our bookshelf Ludvig, your children can become even more interested in their books.
But how? When they can see all the books lined up, the interest suddenly grows :). We think this is extremely positive, as reading at bedtime is loved ritual at home.



With our large bookrack Ludvig in your home, you will now have a great opportunity to get a handle on all the children’s books!

The books can easily and beautifully be shown with the front outwards and it creates a brightly colored life with all the different colors from the books. At the same time, it will also be easy and manageable for children to choose which book to read/read aloud at bedtime with you.

If Ludvig is too wide with his 86 cm, he also has a younger brother, Anker, who is only 53 cm wide.

In addition, our bookcases Sofus with 1 room or Albert with 2 rooms can also be an option if there is not so much space in the room for your books.

Bonus info:
We have experienced on our own children (age 3 & 5 years) that when the books are turned with the front outwards, the children become even more interested in their books. This makes it difficult to choose which one that should now be read in :). We think this is extremely positive, as reading aloud at home is important ritual for us.


H: 120 cm x D: 35 cm x W  : 86 cm

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