Storage furniture

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Are you looking for wooden storage solutions for toys, games and books?

With so much toys and many books our children have in their rooms, it is not always so easy to keep the rooms neat.
But can work easily with our well-thought-out storage systems made of the finest birch plywood.

Many options

There are different options for a cohesive storage of things for your children’s rooms. Such as book storage boxes, Lego storage, shelf storage, sideboards and eg rows of plates on the wall for your children’s rooms.
So the toys and books can be easily stored in the storage furniture after play.

Effective solution for any family with children

Toys on the floor – in the living room and in the children’s room. It is definitely one of the biggest challenges as a parent.
An effective solution for storing toys solves the problem and gives you a tidy and comfortable home. With this focus, Wood If has created a wide range of storage furniture in wood.
These are both functional, stylish and aesthetic. They have a raw and Nordic look that makes them fit easily into most homes. Storage boxes in several sizes, wall shelves and shelves. You will find many ideal solutions for the children’s room as well as for the playroom.

No two pieces of furniture are alike, but completely unique

We like to create furniture, of which there are not many on the market. In addition, all our furniture is completely unique. Each and every one.
They are produced in birch plywood, which is a solid material with a very special play of colors. The tree will never look exactly the same. You therefore get a unique piece of furniture for storage that does not look like any other. Even if the wood is not the same, you can easily combine several of our storage furniture.
Overall, they all have the same stylish, clean and raw look.

At Wood if you will find storage of toys done efficiently. It has happened with inspiration from our own experiences as parents, but also with input from other parents and children. We want to create storage furniture that meets specific needs and that solves real challenges in everyday life.