The Sideboard Bob


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Danish-made furniture that has been personally made for you!

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The cubic sideboard Bob has been developed in collaboration with a number of customers who have requested this particular type if furniture, which of course is inspired by our Cube-series.

With its height of 70 cm. children from an early age can reach all the shelves themselves, where the toys can be displayed and invite for fun, play and creativity.

Dimensions: H: 72 cm x D: 32 cm x W: 99 cm.



Our Cubic sideboard is ideal for your children’s room to get control all the loose objects 😊 The size fits perfectly with a lot of toys, binders, books, many storage boxes, games/puzzles, and much more.


External dimensions are: H: 72 cm. D: 32 cm. x W: 99 cm.

All rooms have the following dimensions: W: 31 x H: 30.5 x D: 30.5 cm.

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