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We are proud to present our brand new version of our Learning Tower Morten.

It has been upgraded on many requests from you so it is now adjustable with 2  heights (standing space height 39 cm and 46.5 cm from the ground). Then your child can use it from 15 months to 5-6 years.

In addition, there are now stability feet on each side so your child is even more safe in the event of sudden movements without your notice.

The learning tower Morten is our all-time favorite!



We are proud to present our brand new version of our learning tower Morten.

The new features are among other things:

  • Adjustable heights (standing space height 39 and 46.5 cm from the ground) so can be used from 15 months to 5-6 years
  • Stability feet on each side so your child is even more secure in the event of sudden movements.
  • Changed ergonomic design on the front (towards the kitchen table so it provides better comfort)
  • Solid birch plywood that can withstand up to 90 kg (other learning tower brands can only withstand up to 40 kg)
  • Can easily be disassembled and stored away (but the children can not live without it)
  • Made of FCS certifies wood and is delivered completely untreated of paint and clear coat – then you can put your personal touch with the style you want.

– still assembled without the use of tools and screws.

And the price, yes, we do not change it – still Denmark’s lowest price.

Still a play in the kitchen.

The learning tower Morten is designed to give your child the opportunity to be closer to you. Either in the kitchen generally or next to your kitchen table, so he or she can be part of everyday life and learn from you early. When your child helps you cook, he or she can build an even stronger bond – whether it’s baking a cake, making soup or washing hands and brushing teeth.

The child is now always at eye level with you.

Even though we are coming up with a new and improved version, our previous learning tower is still definitely usable and safe. If f you already have this one then you need not worry. We have upgraded the model so that it is more up-to-date and still a market leader.

Prevent your child from injuries

With the high sides and the hanger in the back and the large standing space, your children can easily join the high tables. Therefore, as parents / grandparents / babysitters / big siblings, you should no longer be nervous about the little ones stepping next to the top step.

The wide construction and stability feet also ensure that Morten does not tilt during normal use, neither to the side nor back and forth.

Do you have older children who have grown out of the learning tower but still want to be in the kitchen? Then also take a look at the stool Mia with 2 steps.

Bonus info:
Stand space and steps are tested by a well-grown man of 95 kg. Without problems – however, it is important to remember that it is made and designed for children, as it has not been tested for a long time when used by adults (which of course it is for children of many ages).

Incidentally, the Learning Tower Morten can be easily disassembled and stored away.

Product data

Height: 91 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Width: 45 cm / 55 cm including feet
Standing: Height 39 cm and 46.5 cm (depth 45 cm, width 40 cm)
First step height: 20.5 cm
Standing space / working space for children inside: 32 cm x 35 cm

The furniture can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. However, as these are products that are natural and untreated, you must be aware of and careful with moisture and wet elements as it can cause streaks and stains.
For optimal utilization in the kitchen, we recommend to treat the the learning tower with clear coating before first use to resist dirty fingers, painting, juice, etc. You will not be able to avoid this getting on the learning tower during activities in the kitchen.
Clear coat can be found in merchant stores and paint retailers. Just state it is to be used for birch plywood.

The material:
All furniture is made of beautiful light 9 mm birch wood plywood, natural and untreated.

All furniture is delivered unassembled, but with an assembly guide.

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