The side table Hugo


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Should our side table Hugo be used as a bedside table, mini rack or other special purposes?
Now you have at least a flexible opportunity to present your kids favorite toys, games, books etc. really nicely in the children’s room – or where you just need a little extra storage room.

Dimensions: H: 55 cm. x D: 35 cm. x W: 46 cm.



Our small side table Hugo, is a unique little piece of furniture, which is inspired by our sideboard Hans and a mini version thereof.

You can use the side table Hugo as a bedside table, mini rack or many other things. It is also possible to present favorite toys, games, books etc. very nicely in every room.

We have also received many creative images from customers with creative solutions. For example, as a children’s table in the bathroom, where a hole has been cut in the top-plate and a small ceramic bowl inserted. Then your children’s toothbrushes and accessories can be placed next to or on the lower shelf.

Bonus: Since the side table is not that big, it offers a lot of fun opportunities to put multiple side by side, and maybe in different colors, as in the picture here.


H: 55 cm. x D: 35 cm. x W: 46 cm.

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