Find our package calendar Christmas tree and Christmas gifts here

jule pakkekalender træ

Christmas is celebrating, colors and playing!

At Wood If we love Christmas and every year this is a holiday that starts already in October. With us you will find almost everything for Christmas! Of course, we have our popular (and the original) package calendar Christmas tree, small elf houses and calendar gifts inspiration for all 24 days leading up to Christmas Eve.
Get the ultimate December with Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, Christmas exhibitions and of course we hope you also find the perfect Christmas gift for your children here with us.

Package calendar Christmas tree

We do not have Christmas without the Christmas tree Peter, which is our package calendar Christmas tree and is a package calendar for children. But of course it is also a package calendar for adults, as it adorns both the living room but also the rooms.
The Christmas tree for calendar gifts is a “decorate yourself Christmas tree” and there are no limits or rules for how it should be decorated. If you want 24 or 48 small packages packed on the 4 sides or only as a Christmas tree adorned with Christmas chains, well then the choice is yours!

New package calendar Christmas trees in 2021

This year we have added both a large stained Christmas tree and a Christmas tree printed with small cute Christmas motifs, but also a smaller table Christmas tree which is available in natural light birch plywood and in the stained version.