The grocery shop Birk


With this small shop stall / grocery store, there is now opportunity for your children’s dreams as a butcher, grocery store or baker to almost be realized.
Only the imagination limits the type of store that can be played and what else the stall can be used for.

Height: 135 cm x depth: 92 cm x length: 86 cm

Delivery time: 5-7 working days with UPS

Danish-made furniture that has been personally made for you!

100 days right to return

Fantastic rating on Trusted Shop (4.75 / 5.00)


With our cozy Shop stall / grocery shop, there is wide opportunity for the role-playing child to really unfold.

Only the imagination limits the type of store that can be build – and maybe it could be a butcher, baker or a completely different shop.

At home it has been tested by our 3.5 year old daughter – and she is extremely excited to sell food to everyone in the family who wants to buy from her – we hope that there are many other children out there who will be just as excited.

Accessories such as food and baskets etc. are not included.

Bonus info: 
The opening side can be arranged in the side you want.

Product data

Height: 135 cm , Depth: 92 cm, Length: 86 cm

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